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9-Year-Old Girl Can Take Apart a Football Defense


A 9-year-old girl from Salt Lake City, Samantha “Sam” Gordon, has been amazing football fans with her incredible athletic abilities.

Heralded as a football superstar, she had an extremely impressive 2012 season. Sam racked up an amazing 35 touchdowns, 232 carries, 1911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, and 65 tackles. Incredibly, this was her first year playing football.

If you watch Sam's video footage, there are plays where she simply seems to whiz straight past the sides of the defense lines as though they were not even there. On other plays, she cuts through the center where there are many defenders, but suddenly emerges out of the pack untouched.

Part of the magic is Sam’s incredible speed. She simply appears to be able to run faster than anyone else her age. But she is also incredibly skilled at seeming to simply slide straight through defenses, as well as at cutting and weaving.

Besides playing in the running back position on offense, Sam also racked up the 65 tackles while playing on defense. Besides footage of shredding defenses, there is also footage of her taking some hard tackles, sometimes from multiple defenders.

Apparently, Sam’s real passion is soccer. After playing football for a few years, she plans on focusing more on soccer. This probably makes some sense, since the opportunities in women’s soccer are much greater than the possibilities in women’s football, including being able to play on the Olympics team.

But after seeing these amazing plays, it makes one wonder if we might see some higher level football opportunities coming along for women at some point in the near future. Football is certainly more physically rough that soccer, but female boxing and female MMA are more rough than either, and seem to have some takers, and some stars as well. So why not for football as well?

This is the kind of footage that makes for an amazing and treasured football video trophy. And great sporting moments like these make especially great personalized football gifts for kids. No one wants to forget moments like these.