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11-Year-Old Benched for Being too Good

Normally we can’t get enough of our junior football stars. Not so in the case of Demias Jimerson, who played in Arkansas’ Wilson Intermediate League.

Demias had already scored three touchdowns, when an obscure rule was invoked which prevented him from further scoring. The rule is called the “Madre Hill” rule, and was named after one of the great Arkansas Razorbacks players, Madre Hill.

According to this rule, if a player has already scored three touchdowns, and his team is 14 points ahead, then the player is no longer allowed to enter the end zone.

The background to the rule is interesting. Madre Hill was a highly successful running back, who was named the Reebok National High School Player of the Year, as well as All-American by USA Today and Blue Chip Illustrated two times in a row. He went on to have great successes in his collegiate career, playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, as well as in his professional career, playing for the Cleveland Browns.

The Madre Hill rule actually comes from his high school football days. Due to his incredible skills and success, the special rule, targeted directly at him, was introduced: if he had three touchdowns and his team was 14 points ahead, it was time to shut him down.

Is this our way of expressing that there can sometimes be too much of a good thing? Maybe. It could be argued that the other players should also be given a chance to perform and shine. If someone on the team is stealing all the glory, even though it is not their fault, the game may start to become about that one person, rather than about the team effort.

It is worth noting that the rule has a certain fairness built into it. If the team is behind, and one player is scoring multiple touchdowns, we can see that the rule will not go into effect. This means that the team will not lose their best player when they are down.

Now if your own child should get hit with something like the Madre Hill rule, you must be sure to get the touchdowns turned into a football video trophy. Moments like these are certainly memorable, and make great personalized football gifts for kids.