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Cheers to 2013 Graduation Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank



It’s the time of year for many graduation ceremonies. Chances are you know someone who has graduated from college or high school recently or will in the next few weeks. Coming up with the perfect graduation gift without breaking the bank can be a challenge. Cash always make a great gift because it can be used anywhere. However, giving cash has its downfalls. If you have several graduates to buy for, it may not be feasible to give everyone the same amount. I would like to share with you some unique gift ideas that you can give as an alternative to cash.
Personal Chef
These days, a personal chef can be affordable., for example, sends a private chef to your home for just $40. The chef prepares a healthy and delicious meal in about one hour. Clean up is also included.  Your graduate will enjoy having healthy meals delivered to their home – a fantastic alternative to take out food or pizza.
Personalized Graduation Gifts
Personalized gifts are better than monetary ones. The Internet makes giving personalized gifts easier than ever. You can easily access photos on a graduate’s Facebook or Instagram that highlights memories from high school or college.
Make a Video Book makes a video book that has a 4.3" high-quality screen, speaker and re-chargeable battery, ready-to-play right away. Just load it up with your favorite videos and watch the graduate’s smiles grow.
If you have a college graduate he or she may need a business card.  MyVidiGifts makes self- contained video business cards with a high-quality video screen, speaker & re-chargeable battery. You can load up to three of your most persuasive ideas alongside your business card. With this card, your graduate can deliver a clear and loud message.
Take a Trip
Give them the gift of time and travel. Instead of spending money on gifts, plan to take a vacation with your son or daughter. National parks, for example, are popular travel destinations in the U.S. Plan a road trip to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. While there, you can purchase Maid of the Mist tickets to enjoy the most popular and oldest Niagara Falls tour attraction. Or look online for advanced tickets to an unforgettable Grand Canyon tour.  Instead of exchanging cash, you could be spending some treasured time together and creating memories of a lifetime.
GPS Tracking Device
For a graduate heading off to a new city, GPS can help make the unfamiliar a little easier to navigate.  Meitrack’s GPS tracking system features reliability and simplicity of use. For an avid cyclist or hiker, GPS tracking provides location reports quickly and stands up to the worst conditions Mother Nature has to offer.
We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what makes a great graduation gift.