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Amazon Birthday Gift Cards Reach Friends through Facebook



Shopping for birthday gifts has never been this easy, if you are a Facebook user, that is. made it possible for shoppers to send Amazon gift cards with birthday messages on Facebook. Here’s how it works. A Facebook friend starts the gift and any of the recipient's Facebook friends can contribute, which eventually adds up to one substantial gift.

According to Steve Shure, Amazon’s vice president of traffic, birthdays are a social occasion, and social sites like Facebook make it feasible to send birthday wishes to family and friends worldwide.

Amazon Birthday Gift makes it possible for a single Facebook friend to start a gift at $1, $5, $10 or $25 increments to add to a message, which will be delivered on the recipient’s birthday. When a gift is purchased, the user chooses other Facebook friends, inviting them to contribute to the gift card.  Anyone buying and delivering three gift cards by July 21 will receive a $3 credit from Amazon.

Although the number of people buying online gift cards is growing, a recent survey found that 43% of consumers will not buy an online gift card for their next gift purchase. Most consumers said they preferred giving the actual plastic gift card in person. Shoppers were also concerned with Internet safety and technical problems.

Whatever happened to buying an actual personalized gift for her or his birthday? Besides, what if the birthday girl or boy doesn’t like Amazon? Services such as let you do a group gift, but the birthday child chooses the gift cards so he or she gets what they want. The free service lets you even include a private video book message which makes the gift more personal.  Plus, it's not limited to Facebook users.

So, how personal is sending a gift card via Facebook? Let us know what you think about the new feature.